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Romania pregateste extradarea traficantului de arme Shimon Naor
Joi, 04 Februarie 2010
Celebrul traficant de arme Shimon Naor ar putea fi adus, in catuse, in Romania, la zece ani dupa ce a fugit din tara.Tribunalul Bucuresti a admis pe 1 februarie cererea facuta de Ministerul Justitiei in vederea extradarii israelianului Shimon Naor (Simen Herscovici), condamnat definitiv, in 2006, la 11 ani de inchisoare pentru trafic de armament.
Tribunalul Bucuresti a solutionat pozitiv cererea Ministerului Justitiei, constatand ca sunt indeplinite conditiile pentru a solicita extradarea lui Shimon Naor (Simen Herscovici)

Robert Horvath a US investigative journalist has been continuing a series of articles in Nipon PRESS describing about the DEA sting operation against Viktor Bout, Russian arms dealer, who for 15 years has run guns to African warlords and Islamic militants, and also on some events from the past, involving him. Horvath says his correspondence provide additional disclosures about the illegal weapons trade and Bouts connections to the Romanian Presiden Basescu
HORVATH writes that in 1998, the Romanian authorities made up a fake cigarettes-smuggling case . In fact, there were no cigarettes on board Viktor Bout`s airplane IL-76 operating for Air Sofia which were unloaded at the Bucharest-Otopeni Airport. Overnight standing at its military apron was necessary for the Romanian secret services to load Romanian-made anti- aircraft missiles for destination to under UN embargo.
The american reporter wrote then that weapons under the cover of cigarettes were exported apparently by a company owned by Viktor Bout and Shimon Naor because they had the monopoly on such secret transactions at that time. Connections of Bout and other gun-runners to the Romanian military intelligence seem more then aparent.
In fact, the management of the network of the under-cover firms belonged to Colonel George Dumitrescu, an active duty, high-ranking officer of Anti-terrorist brigade of the SRI (the Romanian Homeland Intelligence Service), which coordinated the activities of the Arab citizens and their Muslim brothers in Romania. His cousin, the ex-personnel head of staff of the Intelligence Academy in the 1990s, was appointed colonel prosecutor of the Military Panel of the Supreme Court. In all operations with cigarettes this network was supported by a general and the head of the Economic Counter Intelligence Division of the SRI.
Personnel of the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Agency of Romania) based in the Romanian embassies was responsible for preparing the fake documents necessary for commercial operations of the arms smugglers network. Bouts planes operated not only from Romania but also from the neighboring Republic of Moldova, according Robert Horvath.
The comments mentions a business link for Bout with the Romanian government ( TRANSPORT MINISTER – TRAIAN BASESCU ) by the name of Colonel Gigel Bratiloveanu. This Colonel currently works as an economic adviser for the Romanian Embassy in Moscow.
In the DEA’s charges against Bout, which accuse him of supplying weapons to the Colombian FARC group, phone conversations between Bout, Andrew Smulian, and his undercover agents posing as clients suggest that Bout did not want to travel to Romania due to his “high profile” which made it more likely that he be “caught” in Romania.
The DEA must have had a plan to catch him in Bucharest, since all three operatives emphasized the convenience of meeting in Romania. Them in January 2008, DEA undercover operatives met with Smulian in Bucharest “again”– it seems Smulian, at least, had a Bucharest connection.
Then, in February 2008, the american agents intercepted a phone call between Bout and an unidentified party (CC-2) who operates an airline company in Romania. Bout asked CC-2 to help him acquire a Romanian visa; CC-2 discouraged Bout from attempting to come to Romania, saying it would be difficult to get a visa for him. Could it be Colonel Bratiloveanu friend of Baescu ?
Or is there another key player/Romanian partner who assisted Bout? His Israeli partner-born in Romania, the admiral Shimon Naor a friend of Romanian president connected Viktor Bout to Arsenal and Romtehnica, companies of Romanian DoDefense. Cigarettes in cargo manifest of Air Sofia aircraft, in fact rifle guns amunitions loaded on board at Bucharest-Otopeni Romanian AFB for a destination under embargo in 1998 ( Sierra Leone ).
Who is Shimon Naor? Or rather, who is Lieutenant Colonel Shimon-Hershkovitz? Ha’aretz brings him up in the context of the Israeili Defense Ministry’s bribery scandals:
A case that did worse damage to Israel’s image and harmed relations with the United Nations was that of Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Shimon Naor-Hershkovitz, a former manpower officer in the navy who, after his discharge from the Israel Defense Forces, became an arms dealer for several Israeli companies. He was arrested in Rumania in August 1999 on suspicion of selling Rumanian arms, using forged documents (end-user certificates, indicating that the arms were intended for Togo) to the guerrilla forces of Dr. Jonas Savimbi, thus violating the sanctions of the United Nations Security Council against arms sales to Angola.
In November 2001, a UN investigative committee that was examining the case requested information from Israel regarding Israeli-registered companies owned by Naor-Hershkovitz and his partners.
Naor didn’t stop there. He was arrested again in 2004 in Jordan on suspicion of smuggling arms to Sudanese rebels. It seems Naor had friends in high places– his protectors in Israel are evident, but public prosecutor Cristian Bojinca also tried to protect Naor in Romania. So much so that, in 2001, the Romanian Supreme Court of Justice heard his defense following his arrest with Judge Valentino Acatrinei of the Bucharest Court of Appeal. And what happened to Naor with all these friends in high places and guns in low places?
Well, in 1999, Naor was arrested and sentenced to 7 years in prison by the Romanian courts for his role in illegal arms trade. Naor managed to gain his release on bail and fled to Israel. In Romania he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in absentia, and is considered a fugitive from justice. And guess what? Naor is still believed to be selling arms.
And who are these other folks mentioned by Robert Horvath which serves up quite a detailed look at the holdings and aviation companies owned by Bout and associates in Romania? What is the Flying Dolphin ring? And are these well-connected guys still selling arms, still considered by various governments to be useful potential partners for covert operations?
However, if you are still interested in the mystery of Viktor Bout’s connection to the Romanian military intelligence (and judicial system),of PRESIDENT OF ROMANIA BASESCU there is more to read.
NIPON PRESS Robert Horvath

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